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Rust everywhere 🦀

Rust from the shell to the prompt; from the prompt to the programs.


Floflis have replaced Bash by a modern and faster shell: nu.

But don't worry: your loved bash scripts will still work!

Prompt 👩‍🚀

Floflis uses a beauty/infinitely customizable, modern and blazing-fast prompt: Starship 🚀

Floflis is an ecosystem which can be a standalone OS (Linux or any other open kernel) or run as a platform inside any other OS:

OS - Lightweight or full-featured OS powering your device

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Floflis OS

The lead product of the Floflis Platform 🏅
Currently based on Ubuntu (PCs, Raspberry Pi, SiFive Unmatched - or RaspiOS on its armhf - Raspberry Pi Zero/W - version).

Meet Floflis OS!

Guest - An OS inside your OS

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HTML5Apps Platform

Fully featured web apps platform, that can bring Floflis as a graphical app to any OS (Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc).

It is like PortableApps Platform; can run Floflis Central and any other Electron app, but using the same runtime: so apps which had thousand megabytes will have just a few kilobytes.

Still in development. See it on GitHub or take a glance at its in-development site.
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Floflis' operating base. Even the graphical layers uses this CLI.

Composed of DNA, Core and Soil layers. Further CLI layers spawns a graphic desktop.

With Floflis DNA + layers + Cubic, a full Floflis OS .iso can be built.

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